When a business manufactures a product, they are, by law, held responsible for the safety of that product. If a sold good causes harm or injury, consumers retain the right for adequate compensation.

A variety of products from multiple industries have been linked to defects causing harm: toys, food, automobile, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, furniture, sporting goods, baby products, apparel, etc.

Problems develop when there is a manufacturing defect, design defect or inadequate product warning. Consequences of the defect can be catastrophic to consumers including death, injury, illness or destruction of property. Injury and illness can lead to bounding medical bills, long-term physical conditions and loss of wages.

Keith & Associates are knowledgeable in product safety regulations like Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, along with federal and state law to help prove your case to achieve an adequate settlement or verdict. We also seek industry experts like engineers in specific cases.

Why hire an attorney for product liability claims?

  • Taking on a corporation is no small feat and each case is unique.
  • You can experience pain and mental anguish from damage or injury due to an unsafe product
  •  You may be devastated by the financial stresses of medical bills and lost wages
  • Legal action can alter safety standards among industries. By pursuing legal action against a company’s defected product, you are not only seeking personal compensation but helping protect future and current customers through both stricter safety regulations and product recall
  • Consider food contamination in a popular food product: you find yourself hospitalized because you ate peanut butter containing listeria. With legal action you could be compensated for your financial cost, possible obtain a larger settlement sum for your suffering and help prevent the re-occurrence of another potentially deadly listeria outbreak among the food industry through tighter safety restrictions.

As soon as possible after injury, illness or damage has been caused by a faulty product, customers should contact representation like Keith & Associates who can apply their knowledge plus years of experience and successful litigation against companies for negligence. For a free consultation with Keith & Associates, email us here or phone us at 918-574-8500.