When an accident occurs among the premise of property owner or business establishment, they may be liable for the incident. According to Oklahoma law, a property or establishment must provide a reasonably safe environment for people and customers.

Premises liability comes in to play when those locations fail to upkeep safety standards and an injury, damage or even death occurs due to the negligence. In addition to physical turmoil or loss of a loved one other factors such as escalating medical bills, loss of wages and mental suffering may be compensated for. Upon consultation at Keith and Associates, we retain the experience and knowledge in premises liability cases to give you a healthy assessment of your rights and possible compensation.

A common injury among merchants is a slip and fall due to liquids or other material left unattended to or without proper signage warning visitors. These can become quite serious with head injuries, broken bones, etc. Also, hazardous conditions such as objects left in a pathway in which one may trip on, unstable merchandise falling or sharp objects protruding from store isles are all a variety of possible injury causing situations.

Personal property is not exempt. It is unlawful to allow guest to visit a home or premises with unsafe grounds or hazards that may cause them injury.

Construction sites are also a common culprit in “slip and fall” accidents. Despite a construction warning sign, if you are injured due to negligent or hazardous conditions on a construction site, they may be held liable.

If you are injured on a public or private premises, it is important to find witnesses to the incident and collect their contact information, obtain photographic evidence and find necessary medical help. Do not speak with the property owner's insurance or provide any statements regarding the accident until after seeking legal counsel. We are ready to help. For a free consultation with Keith & Associates, phone us at 918-574-8500.