Our lawyers that attend to Business Law love working with new companies as well as long-time area businesses that are staples of Tulsa. In the corporate world, you are often faced with situations requiring expert knowledge in business law. Attorneys at this firm not only have a background and education in law, but have worked in large corporate settings in various capacities.

Business Law Office

If you are a Tulsa start-up company or an entrepreneur reviewing Northeast Oklahoma's opportunities, there can be many legal hurdles that are complicated and confusing when your time could be better spent. Our business law attorneys have success as experts in commercial matters at the Municipal, County, State, and Federal levels, and are happy to lead you through your legal burdens.

This will free up your time to build your business and is a benefit that we provide to many Tulsa-Area Corporations. Also notable is the peace of mind knowing you are following Oklahoma and Federal Laws along with other requirements needed to give your company a solid foundation to mature and develop.

Of the numerous legal challenges a start-up faces, we will walk you through step-by-step and take an individual approach to your unique business needs.

Business Law Consultation:

Here are some of the services that we provide concering Business Law.

  • Business Structure— the best approach to the structure of the business (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, sole proprietor, partnership, etc.).
  • Founder’s Agreement—a necessary, legal binding agreement among the founders of the business to protect all parties involved and the business itself
  • Capital Financing and Stock
  • Intellectual Property Protection—your business ideas, process and products may require protection by filing Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, etc.
  • Future Representation
  • Tax and County Resource Incentives
    TIFF, Abatements, Land Leases,
  • Real Estate Law

For established businesses, we are available to help prepare or review contracts (like vendor agreements) or represent your corporation if legal action is need on behalf or in defense of your corporation. Keith & Associates wants to develop a firm relationship with you and your business. Having a legal team you can trust on-hand and already familiar with your operations is critical when representation is necessary.

After a free consultation, we will be ready to help with your business’s legal needs. Contact us at 918-574-8500.