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Tulsa Insurance Claim Attorney

Insurance serves an important public purpose, without it, individuals, families, businesses and even entire communities can suffer terrible consequences if there is no protection for a loss. When an insurance company denies coverage, it can make an unfortunate and devastating situation even worse.

It is no secret that Insurance companies operate to make a profit and one way they accomplish this is by not paying claims. Insurance companies must have a valid reason under the law to deny claims, often, however, they come up with improper justifications for disclaiming coverage. If that happens to you, you may have a bad faith insurance claim against the insurance company.


Reasons for the Claim Denial

Common reasons for denial of claims are that misrepresentation was made in the policy application, the coverage lapsed because of the failure to pay the premiums and that the incident giving rise to a claim falls outside of the scope of coverage. These are by no means the exclusive grounds for insurance claim denials.


What is Bad Faith?

If a policyholder has been treated unfairly or in bad faith during the claims process, leading to the failure to pay a claim, there may be a bad faith claim against the insurance company.

Bad faith may occur when the insurance company does the following:

  • Deny a claim

  • Unnecessarily prolongs the claims process

  • Fails to make a reasonable settlement offer within a reasonable period of time once liability has been determined

  • Refuses to pay claims without conducting a investigation

  • Forces an insured to commence litigation to collect amounts due under an insurance policy

  • Fails to affirm or deny a claim within a reasonable period of time

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