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Tulsa Divorce Attorney

We at Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC know that there are times when you need an experienced Tulsa Divorce Lawyer who is willing to settle negotiations amicably with a positive resolution for both sides. These cases include thorough and compassionate mediation, collaboration, and litigation. 

Our firm is dedicated to protecting you and your most precious assets. We are sensitive to your needs while ensuring your best interests are represented aggressively and fairly to the other side. Divorce is considered to be a legal case, and the law requires that couples go through several steps before a marriage is legally dissolved.

What’s more, there are often many difficult and challenging issues that couples face as they go through this process including:

  • Legal Separation

  • Division of Assets

  • Child Support and Child Custody

  • Parental Visitation Rights

  • Alimony or Spousal Support

  • Debt Repayment Plans

  • Home Foreclosure


Our experienced Tulsa Divorce Attorneys offer a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your case and see if we can be of service to you. Our aim is to protect you and negotiate for you on your behalf to secure a fair outcome.  In addition, we want you to understand the law and your rights.  If you have been served with divorce papers or you want a divorce, Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC is here to assist you.

Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC is on your side and we care about your legal situation.  Allow our experienced legal team to handle your case and rest easier knowing your case is in good hands. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Give us a call at 918-574-8500 or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys.

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