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Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney

When it comes to controlling your assets, it takes active preparation. Every client brings a unique cast of variables and Keith and Associates is ready to assess and deliver comprehensive estate planning services.

Why do you need a will or trust?

Wills and trusts are vital to saving loved ones the stress of prolonged or complicated probate proceedings.


In probate:

  • With or without a will, all applicable items are first taxed.

  • Without a will, the process proceeds into a lengthy and sometimes complicated distribution process of the estate, assets and personal items.

  • Without a will, the court also designates the administrator of your estate. Any wishes you had for your legacy may be ignored by the administrator or make decisions you wouldn’t agree with.

  • Some cases without wills can last years leaving already grieving loved ones with ample frustration.


In a will, you choose someone to administer your estate after your passing but also designate whom the recipients of the assets are.

In a trust, you can choose a trustee to administer your estate. Trusts are not administered through probate court and many clients choose a trust to avoid heavy taxation on assets. There are also living trusts available for those who want to disperse assets while still living.

Unfortunate circumstances may be bringing you to our services. When that is the case, if you or the family member are still living, it is critical to create a will right away. We have the capabilities of helping create one in an expedient manner. We can also be of service if you have been assigned to administer a trust or will. Keith and Associates also handles filings associated with estate planning such as guardianship and power of attorney. Another consideration we will look into is any debts such as tax or estate debt still owed. It makes no difference if you are millionaire or more conservative financial means, Keith and Associates Legal, PLLC is here to walk you through every document, advise you with each decision and protect what your worked a lifetime to accumulate. 

Give us a call at 918-574-8500 or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys.

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