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Tulsa Workers Compensation Attorney

Our legal team is here to protect your rights to the benefits you need to heal. Workers' Compensation benefits are designed to provide workers with medical care and lost wage compensation if they suffer a work-related injury. Sometimes getting your benefits may become complicated, and you may be unsure if you are getting the full value of your claim. 


At Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC we are focused on helping injured Oklahoman's, by getting them the money they need to pay their bills while they recover from a workplace injury. 

We know the emotional and financial stress caused by work related injuries, and want to make sure getting your benefits is easy. Don't face the claim process alone. Contact us today so that we can start getting you the help you rightfully deserve.


Give us a call at 918-574-8500 or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your case with one of our experienced worker's compensation attorneys.

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