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Alcohol-Related Driving Offenses

In the State of Oklahoma alcohol-related driving offenses come with serious consequences. Getting a DUI is not only expensive but it negatively affects your life in more ways than one. Aside from the fines and potential jail time, a DUI conviction may result in mandatory drug/alcohol counselling, attendance of a Victim Impact panel (VIP), community service, AA meetings, probation fees, and completion of DUI School.

Driving under the Influence (DUI

According to Oklahoma DUI laws, you are legally considered “intoxicated” when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at 0.08%. Depending on the circumstances, you can face fines, jail time and license suspension or revocation.

Driving While Impaired (DWI)

If you BAC is below 0.08% you may be charged with a DWI. Which also carries fines and possible jail time.

Aggravated DUI

If your blood alcohol content is shown to be .15% or higher, you may be charged with aggravated DUI. The fact that you had a BAC of .15 or higher does not upgrade your charge to a felony; however, an aggravated DUI does incur additional penalties, such as required installation of an ignition interlock device and periodic treatment during the probation period.

Actual Physical Control (APC)

In Oklahoma, APC is interchangeable with DUI as far as penalties and enhancements. The only difference is that APC does not have the element of operating the vehicle. If you have the ability to operate the vehicle, then you can be charged with APC. There are not any clear-cut rules on what “ability to operate a car” entails.

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