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Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate attorneys are lawyers trained to address the legal issues surrounding property interactions. They may represent organizations or individuals. Among the documents real estate attorneys typically handle are purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents. They can also help individual homebuyers close on houses.

Sometimes, homebuyers or commercial property buyers face contractual issues that are best handled by legal professionals. If you and your agent are concerned about a specific legal issue, it’s best to seek out a real estate attorney. For example, there may be a tenant on part of the property, or you may want to rent the property out for a certain period of time. Or maybe a tax lien or other lien has been imposed on the property and you’re unsure of its implications. In the face of complex language or atypical situations, real estate attorneys can provide invaluable help.

If you are purchasing real estate, you may benefit from the help and oversight of an attorney. Call real estate professionals at Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC at 918-574-8500.

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