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How do I get my children back from DHS?

Cases involving removal of children from the custody of a parent can be very complex and overwhelming. There are multiple factors which need to be considered, such as has paternity been officially established, does the Indian Child Welfare Act apply, are there other alternatives to DHS having temporary custody of the children, just to name a few. The goal of most cases is reunification of the children with the parents. However, some cases are filed seeking immediate termination of a parent’s parental rights. Generally, if a Judge has determined that the children should remain in DHS custody, the parents are given an opportunity to correct the conditions which led to the removal by working a treatment plan. Specific treatments and treatment providers are identified to assist the parents in correcting the conditions. These vary depending on the case, but some examples of the treatment options are parenting classes, alcohol and/or drug treatment and testing, individual or family therapy, domestic violence treatment. Each case is unique. Your family is your biggest asset. Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all aspects of a DHS case.

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